AC Autumn Course
AR Annual Report
BAS BEST Application System d>
BEC BEST Engineering Competition
BECaS BEST Event Case Study
BCC BEST Career Centre
BEST Board of European Students of Technology
BPI BEST Performance Indicator
BSM Board Summer Meeting
BAM Board Autumn Meeting
BKT BEST Knowledge Transfer
Bt BESTtimes Editions
BWM Board Winter Meeting
CE Cultural Exchange
CFES Canadian Federation of Engineering Students
CPY Company
CMT Committee
CNL Career Newsletter
DG Discussion Group
DL Deadline
EduCo Educational Committee
EEC External Events Committee
finTeam Financial Team
FR Fund-raising
GA General Assembly
GM General Meeting
HR Human Resources
IPF International Project Forum
ITC IT Committee
JAM Jamboree
KM Knowledge Management
KT Knowledge Transfer
LBG Local BEST Group
LEC Local Engineering Competition
LTAB Let’s Talk About BEST
ML Motivation Letter OR Mailing List
NEC National Engineering Competition
mT markeTeam, Marketing Committee of BEST
nT newsTeam, WG supported by mT Committee
OST Open Space Technology
PG Project Group
PL Project Leader
PM Presidents’ Meeting / Project Management
PA Private Area
PR Public Relations
RA Regional Advisor
REC Regional Engineering Competition
RM Regional Meeting
SAAR Semi-Annual Action Report
SAR Semi-Annual Report
STEP Skilled Trainer Education Program
TiGro Training Group
TS TrainShop
TRAP TRAiners camP
TRAM TRAiners Meeting
VI Visual Identity
VP Vice President of the Board
WC Winter Course
WG Working Group
WM Winter Meeting
WS WorkShop