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Ex-jobb Understanding driving factors behind customer loyalty

Title: Understanding driving factors behind customer loyalty

Company:Funnel (http://funnel.io) is a Swedish software company with headquarters in Stockholm. Its customers are retailers and media agencies in Europe and the US who use the product to monitor and report on their online advertising activities. Funnel is growing rapidly and is funded by Swedish and international venture capitalist firms.

Possible thesis:Funnel always attempts to make commercial and technical decisions based on hard data. The starting point is always data analysis when attempting to answer questions like "What should we build next in the product?", "Which customer segment should we focus on?", "Which marketing channels should we invest more/less in?".

An important source of data is the Net Promotor Score (NPS) survey that the company sends to its customers every 6 months. The NPS score is a measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction and can assist in understanding whether the company is developing in the right direction. This score changes between surveys and Funnel is interested in learning more about the driving factors behind these changes.

The thesis would gather data in order to identify and describe these factors and help Funnel understand how to best affect them. The majority of the time would be spent in Funnel's office in Stockholm. The thesis is well suited as a joint effort between two students.

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