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Projektledares möjlighet att arbeta med hållbarhet -ett arbetssätt eller personliga värderingar

Aron Larsson
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Sofia Widengren
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WSP Sverige
Åse Linné
Aron Larsson
2019-01-11 13:15
Viktor Dahmen

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Individuals and organisations are encouraged to reduce their climate impact every day. Companies are adapting and using sustainability policies as one way to demonstrate their work towards a sustainable future. The construction industry is one of the industries that affects the environment a lot. Within that industry, together with several others, project work is a common practice. Project managers have therefore an important role in making and guiding the projects more to be more sustainable. This thesis focuses mainly in those projects where the project manager is a consultant who both need to meet the client's needs but also the values from their own organisation. Therefore, this thesis aimed to investigate how project managers in a consulting company experience that they can influence the sustainability work in their projects. A qualitative study was conducted. Background information and theories about corporate sustainability and competence needed to implement sustainability were performed through a literature review. Interviews were conducted with project managers from the consulting company WSP Management in Stockholm. The study shows that the project managers are aware about their opportunity to influence the of sustainability work in their projects. However, the amount is strongly affected by the priority of the client and if resources are available. To improve and move towards a more sustainable approach the study shows that sustainability must be demanded from the internal organization or the client, and not only be included because the project manager itself values it.
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