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Införande av miljözoner i Stockholm - elbilens påverkan på elnätet.

Martin Koch
Max Hamrén
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Malin Ljungblad
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Joakim Munkhammar
Martin Koch
2018-06-05 08:15
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Max Hamrén
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2018-06-05 09:15
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Lucas Wiik
Alexander Ullén

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The municipality of Stockholm has released a proposition to battle the increase of pollutants and unwanted noise from transportation in the city of Stockholm. The proposition suggests that Stockholm should implement environmental zones within the city’s tolls. The strategy would promote an electrification of the transportation fleet, starting in year 2020. Currently the proposition includes emissions and noise and disregards the effect from an electrification of the vehicles within the zones. This master thesis investigates the effect on the electric power grid within the suggested environmental zones. By choosing two local areas in Stockholm electric vehicle charging has been added to the existing power load on the grid, in order to evaluate the strain from electric vehicle charging. The thesis also investigates the added power consumption based on a complete electrification of personal vehicle within the city tolls. The results indicate that both local grids have the capacity to bear the extra load but that the marginal between the power peak and maximum capacity could decrease lifetime expectancy on the power equipment. A complete electrification of all vehicles would mean an 7 % increase of the yearly energy consumption within the tolls.
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