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The Application of Augmented Reality in Video Streaming

Alberto Catalán
Frida Gidlöf
Beräknat färdigt: : 
Niklas Björkén
Handledares företag/institution: 
Petter B. Forsberg
Frida Gidlöf
2018-06-15 11:15
Presentatör 2: 
Alberto Catalán
Presentation 2: 
2018-06-15 12:15
Lokal för presentation: 
Johanna Koch
Agnes Kristoffersson

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This master thesis is a case study, in the experience industry, of prototypes in the early stage of an innovation process – the front end of innovation. The innovation is augmented reality (AR), a technology that can add digital made graphics of holograms or information in the user's environment. To fulfil the purpose of this thesis, which is to gain understanding of the role of a prototype in an innovation process, a prototype was made. It portraits a concept of using AR-technology in an ice hockey venue. The prototype was later evaluated in a workshop, using the Thinking hats method. The participants in the workshop were representatives from the company's departments: design team, products, sales, and business development. The results from the workshop can be summarized as follows. The challenges of developing the product are related to technology issues and social issues. The opportunities are that there is a possible market, not only of users but also venues. The conclusion of this study is that a prototype can be used as a starting point for further creativity by creating a common perspective of a new technology in front end of innovation.
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